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Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Agenda for 3/16/2022

Update on Registration

Opening Day 2022 - date (April 23) and schedule of events

Field Schedule - in Eagles Travel Document, Chuck and Katrina have master list

Update on Field Maintenance - Nobody on fields for at least another week or 2, wait for Chuck's go ahead.  Net needs to be moved from facility to outdoor cage and hitters mat put in place and screwed in.  Field A 3rd base dugout needs new roofing (6 metal sheets and 10 2x4 ). Home plate on C Field.  New clay (hopefully) coming end April/early May (we can then fix C Field home plate).  Need plumber to turn on/reconnect plumbing and fix some leaks.  Place garbage cans and cleanup of field equipment.

Update on Wifi/Cameras - Doug Barry

Tshirt Orders for Rec

Spirit Wear Store for Rec? Fundraisers?

Other Items


Agenda and Minutes January 4, 2022

Board Members Roster - accept the resignation of Sal Santopietro, vote in Ashleen Whitaker. Chuck motioned to accept nomination of Ashleen, Maria seconded.  Vote was unanimous yes. 

WGSA Rec League Registration - confirm costs for 2022 season, establish who will put signs out and where, determine if new lawn signs should be purchased.   Cost will be the same as last year,  $75 for 6U and $90 for other age groups.  Will wait on scheduling Opening Day until nex month.  Katrina requested registration links, will take 5 business days to be able to be activated.  Once activated, will promote on social media and flyers sent to schools.

Snack Bar - update on Grant Proposal with Lowes,  go over list of what they will do, determine what else needs to be done to open at start of the season.  $2500 grant approved, work will begin early spring and be done in time for Opening Day.  Here is link to their LOWES TO DO LIST.

Ashleen agreed to run a Winter Clinic for Rec League, as long as on Saturdays after 11am.  She has parents to help.  She will submit a few dates and we will then set up a registration for it.

Doug Barry has a plan to install WiFi and cameras at the fields.  Will ask him to prepare plan and cost analysis to present at next board meeting.

Next Board Meeting proposed for Tuesday 2/8/2022 at 8pm.


Agenda Feburary 17, 2020

*Closed session due to Rec League planning with PAL, EM and umpires. *

Umpires - issues from last year, suggestions, establish protocol for coaches wishing to question a rule during a game that umpires feel comfortable with - we can't have what happened last year.

PAL and EM - please send rosters to Katrina when they are complete.  Be sure to identify travel players and if they are a pitcher.  They will be posted on website like last year along with WGSA rosters.

Scheduling ideas - practice days, game days, clinic day, end of season cutoff, all star game, Meriden C tourney

Rec Advisory - need 8U and 10U rep

Update on WGSA registration. Signs need to go out. 

Snack Bar

Cornhole Tourney Fundraiser - book location, establish price/person. prizes, locate equipment, advertise


Minutes January 20, 2020

Executive Board Members Present: Chuck Cammarata, Katrina Spina, Kris Cammarata, Jon Pearson, Maria Torre, Mike Spina

WGSA Adviser - Kim Bogen

Public Comment: No one from the public came forward.

Rec Business:

Opening Day Date: April 18

There was a concern brought to our attention from a coach stating they would like to stay in Wolcott, however venture out to Bristol to play games in the hopes of improving the level of competition and increasing the number of games.  They connected Bristol to Chuck, and they will be discussing how to work this out.

Registration - discussion about making 6U a lower cost due to them having fewer games (and no rain makeups) and no umpires.  This was a concern brought up by many 6U parents last year.  Board agreed to charge 6U $75 and other divisions $95 for registration.  Katrina will submit registration request - it takes 5 business days to come back - link will be posted immediately.  Once link is posted, signs will go up and a handout sent to district public relations to distribute.

Next meeting will be Feb. 17 7:30 at East St. Eatery.  We will invite PAL, East Mountain and Bristol as those organizations need to be involved in what will be a meeting that will be primarily based on rec league planning.  Stacy will also be invited to represent the umpires so that we can get their perspective and input, as well as try to agree to a protocol we will use when questioning a ruling during a game.  Due the the nature of this meeting, it will be a closed meeting - public will not be invited to attend.  The next meeting open to the public will be in March with a date TBD.

See if we can identify potential coaches early - putting together a coach's binder for all Rec Head Coaches with important information.  Also will post videos of drills they can do with their teams.

Winter Clinic - Dates revised.  4 girls are signed up.  This Saturday has to be moved to Sunday 12:30-1:30

Snack Bar - This will be tabled until next meeting.  There lots of ideas on how to make this easier to run.

Travel Business:

Facility Schedule: Need to communicate, also sharing with 2 pitching coaches.  If any team is planning on leaving their time slots, please let Chuck know immediately.  We will change this in the document so Kim and Shelby know if they can schedule lessons.

Establish Account Balances for Each Team

10U  Kris will submit       12UBlack set     12U Red Jon will send    16U please send     18U Kris will submit

Uniforms - Mizuno rep contacted, working on getting samples to try on.  Design can be done through Mizuno website.  Katrina will send link to Pat and Kristin to design their shirts.  Seems like we all want red pants.  We will still keep our one common uniform as red shirt black pants since everyone has that and even though pants will be similar, shirts may vary.

Helmets and decals - final count

Chuck 17     Katrina 8     Jon 1   (11 decals)   Pat

Fundraisers - flipgive, cornhole (indoor April 4)

Tournament Schedule - please send to Katrina so they can be posted on the website

Minutes submitted and posted by Katrina Spina 1/21/20


Minutes from November 20, 2019

Executive Board Members Present: Chuck Cammarata, Katrina Spina, Kris Cammarata, Jon Pearson and Jen Williams.  

Board Advisor Member Present: Pat Crimmins.  

Rec Advisory Members Present: Maria Torre and Mark Capaldo.  

WGSA member: Mike Spina


Public Comment/Concerns: No one from the public was present with concerns.

New Executive Board Members:  Two spots open due to resignations of Tracey and Rich Sirois.  Due to the fact that this was not an election year, the President has the ability to appoint members to the positions.  He made a motion to nominate Maria Torre and Mike Spina to the open positions. Jon Pearson seconded the nominations and both members were unanimously voted in.

Rec Advisory: This worked out well last year, however we need to clarify the role and responsibilities of the members.  The goal is to have one member from each age group. As of right now, we have Mark Capaldo returning as the Majors rep and Maria Torre offered to remain as the 8U rep.  Will be looking to add people for 6U and 10U.  

Snack Bar Update: Snack Bar has been cleaned out and is shut down for winter.  There are concerns about how the snack bar is run by teams - particularly the grill.  It will be a standard rule that if workers are not willing to clean it, they are not to start it.  Will discuss with coaches for spring other options besides running the grill, like pizza or hot dogs in crock pot so that the grill isn’t used.  Possibly grill only on weekends. Also food truck business being started by a member, that may be an option in the future as well.

Fundraisers and Ideas: Casino Trip a success.  Smaller Winter Cornhole Tournament in Watertown (area near brewery, Jeff Keeley has a connection) and larger Tournament at Wakelee in the Spring.  Mike Spina also suggested FlipGive, and app to purchase items and kickbacks given to team.

Wifi: Wifi needed at fields.  Doug Barry (parent from 11U) and knowledge of how we can make this happen, as does Mark Capaldo.  Will connect them to see if they can get this up and running.

Rec Business:

    • Winter Clinic - will start the 2nd week of January and run 6 weeks.  Registration will open up as soon as link available. Cost will be $55 and there will be no refunds for weeks missed.  Ages 10 and under.

    • Meeting with Umpires - want to meet with umpires to discuss issues and concerns they see and have.  This will take place in January. We will reach out to Stacy and Amy who already expressed an interest in doing this.

    • Registration for Spring - let’s open this up early, after Thanksgiving.

    • Coaches for next season: Reach out early, ask for volunteers to sign up by January 15 to try to establish staff so that we can start working with them earlier.

    • Coach's Clinic prior to season to address rules, drills, protocols, etc.

    • Team Names- next year will provide coaches with college team names/mascots to use as team names - will include big D1 schools, local schools, schools Wolcott girls are playing for to encourage higher level

    • Partner with HS - Make HS schedule available and encourage girls to attend.  Maybe put link to live cam for Winter League on website as well.  

Travel Business:

    • Fall Ball - huge success.  30 teams participated and will most likely have more next year due to inquiries and happy coaches from this year.  Refunds to teams this year were issued either back to card or through check.

    • Helmet # confirmation and order - Kris has numbers from each team needed, will order.  Katrina will get number from coaches for Eagle decals for front to reorder from company used last year since template already created.

    • Catcher’s Clinic/Open Hit Night - Chuck expressed interest in doing this possibly on Monday or Friday nights, older catchers will come down and help work with 10U, 11U and 12U catchers.

    • Confirm Winter Facility Schedule

      • 10U and 11U only in facility during December on Sundays 9-12

      • Weekdays starting in January - 11U Tuesday 5:30-7, 12U Wednesday 5:30-7, 10U and 18U Thursdays 5:-30-7 and 7-8:30

      • Pat waiting to see when he can go, but said can take a later time slot

      • Sundays: Jon 9-10:30, Katrina 10:30-12, Chuck 12-

      • Dale making more pitching rubber carpets

      • Pat using Diamond Kings

      • Katrina using DBat starting February

      • Rent will be paid until 3/31/20

      • Google Doc will be how we track usage of facility along with Kim Bogen and Shelby Slie for pitching and others who wish to use it

    • Sponsoring a HS team for Winter League - in name only, girls pay to play and are instructed that this has NO INFLUENCE on making the HS team or playing time.  12 V/JV from last year’s 14 returned, 6 freshmen were invited. Pat will Head Coach - Jon, Eric Sharkey and Katrina will step in/assist as needed.  

Bank Account: 

    • Coaches will report deposits and withdrawal amounts at the end of each month so that Kris and Katrina can record and cross check with bank statement

    • Venmo an additional way we can pay for tournaments, Kris has a team account

Items for next meeting:

    • Umpire meeting

    • Opening Day date

    • Rec League Registration - Coach and Player status

    • Coach’s Clinic


Minutes taken and submitted by Katrina Spina and posted to website on 11/21/2019

Meeting Minutes 10/14/2019

Executive Board Members present: Chuck Cammarata, Katrina Spina, Jen Williams, Kris Cammarata, Jon Pearson.  Rec Advisory Members present: Maria Torre, Pete Grasso

Community Members Present: Sarah Campbell and guest (name not offered)

Public Comment:

  • Sarah Campbell read a statement in regards to a certified letter that was sent to her from the WGSA.


General Business:

  • Snack Bar - DESPERATELY needs a good cleaning.  Chuck stated it will be necessary to hire a company to come in (recommended) 3 times a year - early April, Early July, end October.  Jen Williams offered to be point person for Snack Bar and would work with Kris to organize ordering of food/items as well. It was discussed that the grill does not bring in a tremendous amount of money and may be more trouble than it's worth.  Many suggestions were made about making pizza available instead, adding easier items such as mac and cheese cups, microwave popcorn, maybe running grill just on weekends. It was decided that this item would be tabled until the next meeting, Jen stated she would come down Saturday 10/26 to work on cleaning and asked for volunteers to help.  Katrina and Kris offered and will ask others as well.

  • Executive Board Positions Open - 2 spots open due to resignations of Rich and Tracey Sirois.  Will discuss filling the positions at the next meeting.

  • Suggested as colder months coming the location of meetings be moved to Wakelee library.  Also asked if we can move to Mondays instead of Tuesdays since nobody has practice or other meetings on Mondays.  This was approved by all. Kris will sign out the library or cafe for next meeting.

  • Website still a work in progress, will work on communicating more info to public on website as well as Facebook page.

Rec League Business:

  • Rec Advisory Committee - is a great idea and definitely helped this year, however some adjustments need to be made in regards to description of role/expectations.  Also each year returning members will be given an opportunity to return first, and then open it up to others. Ideal to have each age division represented but may not be feasible.  Chuck and Katrina will work with members to develop a "job description" which will be posted on the Rec League public page.

  • Only Rec concerns known of at this time by Rec Advisory according to Pete and Maria are protocol for coaches being able to question a rule during a game and making sure travel players and pitchers are fairly reported by teams and if a girl is a travel pitcher she is evaluated to ensure she won't dominate.  It was recommended that asking on registration if a girl is a rostered travel player and if she is a pitcher to help with this concern. Although this does not help with out of town teams. 

  • Winter Clinic - will be posted in January and will be open to girls 10 and under.  Registration will be easy as it will just be copied from last year, just needs 1 week to clear.


Travel Business:

  • Helmets - Chuck stated he will probably go with the less expensive ones for 10U, older teams will go with the Boombah helmets.  Jon's team have had theirs for 3 years, need new ones. Katrina has one extra from last year and 2 girls who only used 1 year. Kris said for teams to text her number of helmets they need.

  • All teams wish to go through Mizuno for spring uniforms.  Andrew Sheintop with BSN Sports is the rep we used last year.

  • Incoming freshmen will receive an invitation to play on the WGSA sponsored HS Winter League team that plays in Bloomfield. They will pay a registration fee of $200 for a guaranteed # of games, and will receive money back if they do not get to play in that many games. This year Kris will register manually, however next year we will do an online registration through the website.  Pat, Jon and Dale will all help out with coaching the team as Chuck cannot.

  • Insurance good through 3/2020.  Copy on Coach's page, anyone who needs it for tournaments can print off there to check in.

  • Shelbie Slie and Kim Bogen are pitching coaches that work with several of our travel pitchers and would like to schedule lessons in our Watertown facility but need access to schedule so as not to schedule lessons when teams are in there.  Chuck agreed to add them to TeamSnap so they can see schedule and book lessons accordingly.

  • Kris and Katrina will now be monitoring the bank account together.  They asked that each coach please submit a report at the end of each month that shows all deposits, expenses and final team balance.  Each head coach will receive 3 checks at a time to make purchases, they are asked to please report check#, amount and receiver on their monthly report.

Next meeting Monday 11/11.  Time and location TBD.


Minutes taken and submitted by Katrina Spina and posted to website on 10/15/2019

Meeting Minutes 9/9/2019 - First Meeting of 2019-2020 Season

Members present: Chuck Cammarata, Katrina Spina,  Kris Cammarata, Sal Santopietro, Al Rotella, Jon Pearson


Travel Rosters - 18U and 12U Red are all set.  16U, 12U Black and 10U still need 1-2 more players.

Some girls will be double rostered to be used in cases of emergency (Injury, vacations, family emergency)

New travel players need to register on site to be added to webpage

  • Finances - New protocol for purchasing - Pat will go to Kris and Jon will go to Katrina to get checks signed for purchases

    • Tracking expenses form

    • Posting to website - making available to Board and parents

  • Fall Ball - Rec and Travel

    • Fall Rosters and Coaches - Kevin Huber and Mike Charbonneau are coaching 12U.  No coach for 8U

    • Scheduling -  through Chuck 

    • Snack Bar Coverage - parent volunteers and paid 18U players at $10/hour

  • Fundraisers

    • Casino Bus trip November 16 - 1 bus or 2?  Later time frame for 12U Red, earlier for 10U and 12U Black

  • Update on people banned from field - make coaches aware and docs on website Rec Coach tab

    • Mastrioanni (kids signed up for fall)

    • Campbell

Next meeting Monday, 10/14/2019 7:30pm at Snack Bar

Minutes taken and submitted by Katrina Spina on 9/25/2019

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