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Wolcott Fall League

Fall League Weeks Schedule


The 2023 Wolcott Fall League will play on the following weeks:

         Week 1 – Sat 9/9 & Sun 9/10

         Week 2 – Sat 9/16 & Sun 9/17

        Week 3 - Sat 9/23 & Sun 9/24   

         Week 4 - Sat 9/30 & Sun 10/1

       Week 5 – Sat 10/7 & Sun 10/8  

         Week 6 – Sat 10/14 & Sun 10/15

         Week 7 – Sat 10/21 & Sun 10/22

          Week 8 – Sat 10/28 & Sun 10/29

            Week 9 – Sat 11/4 & Sun 11/5

            Week 10 – Sat 11/11 & Sun 11/12 



The Following Locations are utilized by the Wolcott Meriden Fall League 

*Please check the weeks schedule to make certain you are going to the correct field locations for your games.



  • All games will be one hour and fifteen minutes - GAMES ARE DROP DEAD AT 90 MINS (1:15) No new inning will begin after one hour and fifteen minutes. Teams are encouraged to set a timer to mark the 1 hour (60 Min) time and call last inning so games will end on time - All games must be kept on track and games must start at the scheduled times. The clock begins with the first warm-up pitch and all teams are responsible to set a clock to keep them on time with the umpires time.

  • Teams have the option to play out a game without “Dropping Dead” if they prefer and can do so by calling last inning at the 60 Min mark. Under this scenario no new inning should start after 60 Mins. If teams opt to go this route they will need to specify this with the umpires during ground rules and both teams head coaches must agree. When this option is used, if the game has not ended at 1:15 mins the game MUST "Drop Dead'.

  • UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will a game go past the 1:15 min mark and all games MUST start at the specified times.

  • The SITE DIRECTOR at all locations will do all they can to keep games on time - ALL DECISIONS REGARDING GAME START AND END TIMES BY THE SITE DIRECTOR ARE FINAL. Unless otherwise directed by the site director - all games will start at the specified times on the league schedule. If the game prior runs over the time listed on the league schedule, the next game time will be shortened on that field (IE: The league scheduled time slots still stand) - so please make certain games start and end on time to ensure teams get the proper start times. 

  • There is NO Run ahead rule – We do ask teams to be gracious and not unreasonably run up scores – the intent of fall league play is to get live innings in so please work with opposing teams in all games. Please institute a run rule per inning if applicable to keep the scores in check. 

  • No league standings will be kept

  • Unless otherwise specified with the weekly league schedules – all games will determine the home team by a coin flip during ground rules.

  • The league director (Chuck Cammarata) reserves the right to change, shorten, modify or alter games and / or schedule in order to get games in on days of play, particularly if bad weather or conditions are presented. 

  • In the event of rain or wet/unplayable field conditions, it is the decision of the league director and/or the umpires to determine if it is safe to start or continue games. The league director (Chuck Cammarata) reserves the right to change, shorten, modify or alter games and / or schedule in order to get games in on days of play, particularly if bad weather or conditions are presented. 

  • It is the head coach’s responsibility to check the fields prior to use and alert the umpire and the League Director / Site Director if they feel that there is any unsafe playing conditions (wet field, hole that could be stepped in, etc).  The umpires will make sure that any unsafe playing conditions are corrected prior to continuing play.

  • Teams may use a continuous lineup, DP/Flex or any combination of a teams rostered players. There is no limit to the amount of players in a line up.

  • There are unlimited substitutions and changes DO NOT need to be recorded with the umpire.

  •  Courtesy Runners will be allowed for catchers and pitchers at any time and any player may be used as a courtesy runner. 

  • There is unlimited mound visits, however teams should be courteous to opposing teams and remember that games are timed. 

  • All game softballs are provided by the teams playing and must be league spec/approved balls. Game balls should be returned to the providing teams at the end of play. 

GAME BALL SPECS: LEATHER 12”, COR: .47, Compression: 375 Lbs or comparable. *PLEASE NOTE - Any team found using unauthorized game balls will forfeit the game they are playing and their league deposit - please make sure your team is using league approved softballs during all Fall League games. 

  • The game time is under the control of the umpires on the field.

  •  The team manager is responsible for the actions of their entire team including spectators. Any ejections made by an umpire for unsportsmanlike conduct are for the entire day for the first offense and second offense will be for the remainder of the season. This holds true for coaches, players, parents and/or spectators.

  • No Protests will be allowed - All decisions made by the umpires are final.

  • Teams are asked to make sure that players and coaches are the only individuals in the bench area or on the field of play.



Chuck Cammarata is the League Director and site Director for all Wolcott games.  If you should have any questions or comments about the League please contact Chuck through TEAMSNAP or cell phone at (203) 509-1536 or email him at


Previous Weeks Schedules

Click this link to access preious weeks schedules

League Packet / League Rules Link

Use this Link to Acces the Wolcott / Meriden League Packet / League Rules



  1. 10U Monarchs - Farrell 
  2. 10U Ntn Hawks 10U - Franse
  3. 10U Wildcats - Braun
  4. 10U Wtn Rapids  - Godfrey
  5. 10U Shrln Breakers - Weld


  1. 12U CT Pride - Alicia 
  2. 12U Valley Fusion - Archibald
  3. 12U CT Charge - Beeman
  4. 12U CT Hurricanes 12U - Giuliani
  5. 12U Jags - Jagodzinski
  6. 12U Shrln Breakers Blue - Kobyluck
  7. 12U Monarchs - Lane 
  8. 12U WCT Eagles 12's - Lavalee
  9. 12U Pomp Panthers - Linden
  10. 12U Stealth - Lloyd 
  11. 12U CT Hawks - Lynn
  12. 12U CT. Thunder - Mancuso
  13. 12U Wtn Rapids - Martin
  14. 12U CT Titans Green '12 - Morris
  15. 12U Shrln Breakers White - Rocha
  16. 12U WCT Eagles 11's- Stanco
  17. 12U CT Wildcats 11's - Tetreault
  18. 12U Shrln Breakers Royal - Zeidler
  19. 12U Nighthawks  - OBrien 


  1. 14U Softball U - Acampora
  2. 14U CT Pride Purple - M Alicea
  3. 14U CT Pride Purple - M Alicea
  4. 14U CT Charge Black - Bojko
  5. 14U WCT Eagles 09's - Cammarata
  6. 14U Ct Mirage (Naugy) - Cheney
  7. 14U Stfd Stingers Gold - Deenihan
  8. 14U Monarchs - Derita
  9. 14U Shrln Breakers Royal - Drago
  10. 14U Pomp Panthers - Durante 
  11. 14U Valley Fusion - Giambra
  12. 14U CT Jags  Jagodzinski
  13. 14U Valley Fusion Navy - Klisus
  14. 14U Monarchs - Lane
  15. 14U CT Fury 09 - Lee
  16. 14U Stealth Fastpitch - Lesniewski
  17. 14U Wtn Rapids - Longhi
  18. 14U Shrln Breakers White - Mallon
  19. 14U CT Tides Blue - Meisenkothen
  20. 14U Bethel Blast - Moore 
  21. 14U CT Fury - Nolan
  22. 14U CT Titans Green 10's - Oatway
  23. 14U WCT Eagles 10's - Rosado
  24. 14U Stfd Stingers Navy - Rongoe
  25. 14U CT Tigers - Sweeney
  26. 14U Crom Panthers - Vinchettti 
  27. 14U CT Hurricanes - Volpe
  28. 14U CT Hawks 13U - Wasley
  29. 14U CT. Thunder 14U - Wein 



  1. 16U CT Charge - Brunelle
  2. 16U CT Hurricanes - Duell
  3. 16U CT Pride - Figueroa
  4. 16U Shrln Breakers - Giaccone
  5. 16U CT Mirage - Pantano
  6. 16U WCT Eagles - Spina  
  7. 16U Pomp Panthers - Granton
  8. 18U Riptide - Aresco
  9. 18U CT Bombers - Bannon
  10. 18U Caribe - Garcia
  11. 18U Maloney HS - Kennedy